Getting Funding for School Canopies

Whether it’s rain or sun, children can be effected by the elements when outside, which might lead to them not having enough time outside during their break. To ensure that children can still enjoy their time outside, School canopies and playground shelters are a great solution to this problem, as it will provide shelter and keep them safe from the suns heat and dry from those rainy days.

If you’re unsure that your school can afford to install a shelter or Canopy, there are options for funding which can help towards any costs.

Grant providers

Grants and funding for schools can be extremely precious, if they’re unable to cover costs of renovating or improving equipment and structures such as school canopies, covered play areas and outdoor play equipment. There are groups that operate with the goal of having community progression as their main focus of work. Awards for All are one of these groups that offer grants of any value between £300 and £10,000 to community groups such as schools.

Other groups that can provide similar opportunities is the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, an organisation that exists to improve peoples’ quality of life by developing the culture and environment and by encouraging people at a disadvantage, to become more involved in society. Their work is accomplished through charitable grants that are relevant to the establishment, such as schools and education centres.

Another trust is The Foyle Foundation, that contributed towards UK arts and learning charities, and may be able to help towards the funding of playground shelters. Another supporter within the education sector is The Gannett Foundation and has applications for grants of between £1,000 and £5,000.

Regional funding

There are other options aside from nationwide trusts and foundations, by looking closer to home you may be able to find that much needed funding for playground shelters or school canopies.

For example, the City Bridge Trust in London assists with a variety of issues within the capital such as; environmental issues, mental health and accessibility. Available funding can reach up to half a million pounds to charities and organisations. If you’re based in the London area, it would defiantly be in your best interest to get in contact.

Other examples of local funding include the Adnams Charity which is based in Suffolk. The grants that they can provide start from £100 to £2,500 towards educational organisations, however you must be within a 25 mile radius of Southwold.

If you’re based in the North East of England, the Hadrian Trust can offer similar funding to youth and education development programmes.

If you’re unsure of your closest trusts and foundations that offer similar services, they are distributed across the country, so it’s definitely worth looking into your local area to find your organisations nearest funding provider.

By working with funding programmes, creating fun and safe environments for children can become a reality through the installation of school canopies and shelters.