Sun Safety in the Playground

When the weather begins to get warm, we naturally understand the precautions to take in order to protect ourselves; however children may not have the same understanding and may be at risk of sun burn or even the affects of skin cancer later in life. To prevent this from happening, providing Shaded areas in the playground is a fantastic solution to this issue. School canopies and playground shelters can keep children safe from the sun whilst they’re outside having fun. This will also help children understand that the canopies and shelters are there to keep them cool and protected.

Playground Shelters

Creating Shaded spaces is a practical solution to keeping children safe without having to reduce break times. By having the option of shelters, the children will use the Shade as a safe place to rest and play without becoming too hot or burnt.

Playground shelters also provide good opportunities to promote the health benefits to children, as they may or may not completely identify with how the sun can affect their skin and overall health. So by installing shelters, they can feel the positive effects of having Shaded areas as well as learning why we need to stay out of the sun when it becomes too bright.

If you have certain areas of the playground that occupy activities, such as swings, see-saws and other playground equipment, by assigning a shelter, this can provide safer break times without excluding popular areas.

School Canopies

Canopies and shelters are quite similar; however the difference is school canopies tend to be held at the side of a building. They can also be placed over doorways, entrances or pathways to the playground.

School canopies can offer the same benefits as shelters, but they’re conveniently placed to cover other areas that may be used often by children, such as; over main school doors where children my lean against as they wait to enter the building. Without this protection, children may be left in the sun for a period of time and may not be able to avoid the heat until inside. It’s a brilliant way of keeping children safe at any moment, at the start of the school day or at the end of break times.

Other tips to help improve Sun Safety

To assist along side school shelters and canopies, hats and sun cream can greatly improve sun safety if children have not brought any cream with them and do not own a suitable hat. These items can be used to promote good habits of applying sun cream during hot weather and by wearing protective clothing to cover sensitive areas of the face. This information accompanied by safe Shaded areas from the shelters and canopies will encourage safe fun in the sun for everyone.