The benefits of having canopies in schools

The installation of canopies within a school can bring many benefits for both the students and the school itself. They bring new opportunities and flexibility, allowing the students to play outside regardless of the weather and provide the potential for teachers delivering their lessons outside, without suffering from the affects of the sun.

Being able to play outside and having the option of having outside lessons all year round could benefit the students by increasing their engagement and enhancing their leaning. School canopies also help the teachers by providing them with a set place for the students to congregate, particularly for health and safety reasons during the winter.

Protection from the sun

School canopies allow teachers and students to spend time outside of the classroom in the hotter months of the year, without having to spend much time considering the effects that the sun could have on them. The Canopy will protect them from the sun, preventing things such as exhaustion, dehydration and sun stroke. Having a Canopy placed outside of the classroom can also prevent sun from getting into the classroom, meaning that the temperature of the room won’t be as high, which can reduce the need for air conditioning and can also reduce the schools electricity bill.

Increased opportunities for learning

The addition of a school Canopy brings new opportunities for learning, with the potential for more lessons to be held outside, providing more space and the chance to do things that may not be appropriate to do within a confined classroom environment. It also means that they can interact with nature and not be held up in a classroom all of the time, being bored of what they are doing.

Protected Walkways

In many schools across the UK, students and teachers often have to walk between buildings depending on where they need to be. On rainy days, this can cause them to get wet and have to sit in their uncomfortable clothing for the remainder of the day. Covered walkways mean that they have somewhere to walk without having to deal with the consequences of bad weather, and it also decreases the potential of students falling over and hurting themselves on slippery surfaces.

Increased space

School canopies provide more sheltered space that can be used in any way. The space is a cheap alternative to extending the building, which provides more space for things such as extra play space, waterproofing waiting areas for parents and students after school or even as a sheltered storage area for play equipment or furniture.

Good appearance

There a numerous designs of canopies that can be used in schools, designed in a way that can make the school look good, bringing colour and substance to the outside area of the school. Many schools also opt to have their own colours in the design of the canopies, making them look professional but also very stylish.