Collaboration with Balfour Beatty at Orchard School

Rainbow Canopies

We at SAS Shelters are pleased to announce that our work at Orchard School in collaboration with the world-renowned Balfour Beatty has been successfully concluded.

Orchard School commissioned Balfour Beatty to create their latest building—a fantastic structural addition to an already architecturally-enthralling school premises—, and SAS Shelters was called in to do our part in developing this exciting new installation.

We worked closely with Balfour Beatty throughout the duration of this project in order to ensure a sense of consistency was maintained, and in order that each of us could use our separate strengths and focuses in order to complement the overall design. All of the ground works were carried out by SAS Shelters with an utmost focus on and attention to detail maintained throughout so that our colleagues could easily integrate into the building process following the completion of our work.

Having matched our design and budget with our collaborators, Balfour Beatty, to ensure that they were optimally suited for purpose, we continued by working on the soak a ways, accurately following the instructions provided by Balfour Beatty each and every step of the way. SAS Shelters was pleased, also, to be commissioned to design and build a custom, 30 metre walkway linking the pre-existing, older building with the brand new addition. The design process for this was enjoyable and provided some interesting and unique challenges as we decided upon the best way to incorporate our design ideas into the aesthetic and physical space of the Orchard School itself.


Some additional work was carried out, including the manufacture and installation of our 8 metre Midi Cycle shelter which was requested in order to accommodate the ever-increasing number of pupils who, in today’s eco-friendly environment, are riding their bikes to school. At SAS Shelters, we are pleased and grateful to be able to support a green-living strategy with such immediate impact, direction, and long-lasting influence over hearts and minds of the next generation. For the even more adventurous students, SAS Shelters was commissioned to manufacture and install three double-sided scooter racks in order to provide ample and convenient storage for the vehicle of choice amongst a growing proportion of the school’s population.

Used to working well within strict deadlines, we were excited to take on this kind of work which, as it takes place inside a fully-operating school, requires excellent time- and project-management throughout to ensure that no educational disruptions take place. To this end, we worked entirely when the school was shut, flexibly accommodating the just requirement that none of the children should be disturbed by the installation of the many enhancements or by the building process at large.

We at SAS Shelters would like to extend our gratitude towards the Orchard School for being fantastic, understanding, and easy-to-work-with clients at each and every turn. We would also like to thank our collaborators, Balfour Beatty, for their amicable approach to the project, and for the quality of our relationship throughout and moving forwards.