Pub Awnings

Taking advantage of available outdoor seating areas is a great form of marketing as the moment passers-by see that your bar/pub is full of customers, people know your business is popular and clearly has something good to offer. Of course with any outdoor area, customers are going to want to be protected from the elements, regardless of whether it’s hot or cold, which is exactly why commercial pub awnings can not only offer protection from the sun or rain, but it’s another opportunity to advertise your business.

If your pub puts on functions such as live music and other outdoor events, having cover from the elements can give reassurance for your customers that they can enjoy their time outside without having to worry about the weather, this can also apply to evenings when it’s a little chillier. If your bar supplies a covered area with outdoor heating,  more people can enjoy the space you’re providing.

Your outdoor seating area doesn’t have to be dull either as there are many modern designs that can be applied to suit your business and create a space people want to spend time in. Motorised and retractable pub awnings are a great choice for those unexpected changes in the weather, whether its providing a shaded and cool area from the sun’s rays, or a dry place to enjoy a drink if the weather isn’t as pleasant. Motorised awnings are especially convenient if you want the option of putting outdoor equipment away when your pub is closed.

You may wish to utilize the space that commercial pub awnings can provide and window awnings do just this, designed to be seen by those passing by, you can use these not only to reduce glare from sunlight but also display your logo and brand colours to attract customers.

Benefits of Commercial Awnings for your Pub or Bar

  •  - They create more space! If your bar/pub is small inside, creating an outdoor seating area instantly provides more opportunities for customers who can enjoy food and drink outside, whilst being covered.

  •  - Commercial awnings can give your business more visibility, through the use of bright and attractive colours and designs but also the space their providing that’s full of customers.

  •  - They provide a cool place to sit especially in the summer months when the temperature is high, having window awnings or motorised awnings can create shaded areas that can also keep the inside of your bar/pub cool and comfortable.

Our commercial awnings can be tailored to your business to ensure you receive maximum exposure and have an outdoor space that is appealing to customers come rain or shine.