Restaurant Awnings

When the weather is at its best there’s nothing more appealing than enjoying your lunch outside in the sunshine. Having the option of an al-fresco dining area can increase the space you have available, providing more tables to serve more customers, leading to an increase in revenue.

Having commercial restaurant awnings to create an outdoor space gives you the opportunity to create an additional space that people want to spend time in, whether that’s through adding outdoor lighting or heating. These smaller details allow you to offer an eating space that’s suitable to use, regardless of the weather.

Haitian restaurant awnings are a great choice if you have plenty of room within your outdoor area but don’t require it being attached to the building. Twin Haitian awnings are two awnings combined and are fitted back-to-back, either on a concrete frame or are free standing. They can cover a large amount of space and will ensure customers can enjoy their time at your restaurant, without worrying about the elements around them.

Commercial restaurant awnings can provide much more than shade, they create an opportunity to give customers a stylish and modern space to spend their time in, day or night. Commercial awnings are also a brilliant way to advertise your business and grab people’s attention from afar. Utilizing your restaurants brand logo and colours make your business recognizable from a distance and with customers sitting outside, let’s passers-by know that your restaurant has something offer.

Benefits of Commercial Awnings for your Restaurant

  •  - Creates more space for tables which can lead to more people being served and therefore more revenue.

  •  - Perfect if you host functions and events and need to create an outdoor area that’s covered.

  •  - Your restaurant will stand out from competitors who don’t have awnings and this could be the difference between your business and a rival if the weather is warm.

Our commercial restaurant awnings can be tailored to your business to ensure you receive maximum exposure and have an outdoor space that is appealing to customers come rain or shine.