School Awnings

Providing protection from UV Rays and cold weather has never been more important than it is in school and nursery play areas, where children’s skin is much more sensitive to the elements. Ensuring children have the option to sit and play in the shade ensures they can enjoy their time outdoors safely without getting too hot or potentially burning.

School awnings however, not only protect children from the unpredictable weather but they can also be used as an opportunity to take the classroom outdoors and experience lessons in the fresh air. This style of learning has been proved by OFSTED to be beneficial for the development of children.

By utilizing the outdoor space through school awnings or school canopies, children and teachers can enjoy the freedom of being outside; whether that’s at break time or lesson time. Playtime no longer needs to be cancelled and parents and teachers don’t need to worry if the weather is too warm, when awnings and canopies are providing much needed shade and protection from either the sun or rain.

Benefits of Awnings and Canopies for Schools and Nurseries

  • - They provide shade and protection in both warm or wet weather

  • - Create a learning space for lessons to be taken outside

  • - Perfect for small budgets and limit space

- There are many styles of school awnings and canopies to choose from, such as; Retractable awnings that can be manually displayed and put away when not required. Covered walkways which provide cover over more distance and can create a space to sit and wait before entering the building and Framed awnings which are attached to the building and are ideal for spaces that are more than 3.5m.

Our commercial school awnings can be customised to suit the requirements of the school and will provide much needed space for children to enjoy the outdoors.