Shop Awnings

Commercial shop awnings are a great way to make your shop front more attractive and visible. Displaying your logo and brand colours on window awnings or retractable awnings can help your business to be seen from afar, grabbing the attention of passers-by and those searching for your store.

Depending on the business of your shop, having commercial awnings outside the entrance can be beneficial for not only customers but the items and products you sell. If, for example you display fresh fruit and vegetables outside, ensuring your produce is protected from the sun and rain is vital to keep stock fresh and appealing to customers.

Not only can commercial awnings keep stock fresh, but they can provide shade and cover for your customers if the weather suddenly changes. This can help the temperature inside your store, as the shade created outside will prevent heat getting into your shop; this is helpful as customers can browse your store without becoming uncomfortable due to the heat.

If your store has a window display, shop awnings can protect these from the heat and rain and can keep customers shaded or dry when looking at your window display.

Commercial shop awnings don’t have to be on show all the time, retractable awnings can easily be put away at the end of a working day and displayed once again when required.

Benefits of Commercial Awnings for your Shop

  • - Stand out from your competition with branded awnings that will grab your customer’s attention.

  • - Ensure stock and fresh produce is protected from the elements.

  • - They keep window displays visible and provide a covered space for window shopping

  • Our range of shop awnings are suitable for a wide variety of different shops and can be customised to fit any size of shop window. For more information, please contact us today.